Frank Gresham CMTPT
I was in chronic pain for over 20yrs. Migraines and back pain. I've been 14 yrs pain free now. It was all from my muscles. Doctors couldn't find the "why" of my pain. I kept searching until I did. I now practice Myofascial Trigger Point Therapy in Springfield, Va  I have numerous videos on Youtube on the "paininvirginia" channel for free to help folks. I am all about seeing you 2 to 4 times to get you pain free. I'm not a chiropractor, I'm a muscle function specialist. Muscles cause over 93% of chronic pain in the US. That's why drugs don't help but for a short time. If you have any questions concerning your pain please feel free to call me. 703-313-8550.
This is what I can typically help: fibromyalgia,sciatica,back pain,migraines, knee/foot problems,groin pain,shoulder and elbow. Our body has muscles everywhere....so I can't list all that I help with. Go to my website and use the pain symptom checker. If you recognize your pain pattern...I can help you. www.thechronicpaincenter.com
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