VIDEO: Pinball is a Sport

Fairfax City's the home of an annual pinball showdown.

To the casual observer, pinball looks to be a thing of the past. Arcades focus more on shooter galleries and Dance Dance Revolution than an antiquated pinball fad. Even Steve Kordek, the creator of the pinball flipper, passed away at 100 last week

But Richard Wickersham, along with dozens of other locals, are working to bring back their favorite sport.

Yes sport, because this weekend marks the Free State Pinball Association's annual Fairfax Open, a three-day tournament that separates the amateurs from the hardcore players with national rankings. 

Wickersham isn't new to the tournament. He's done well in the past and hopes to take the B-division title on Sunday.

The event starts at 3 p.m. on Friday and finishes late Sunday afternoon. Check Patch every day this week for more video interviews with the competitors and tournament coverage.

Click the thumbnail to watch the video.

Bonus level: Check out this video to hear another competitor talk about how after 20 years he decided to go public with his pinball hobby.


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