Your Nov-Dec. Guide to Woodson High School

When grades come out, how to get involved and more.

Here's your guide to important dates, events and volunteer opportunities at . 

This list picks up the second half of November and goes until Winter Break. Add your important Woodson info to this list by commenting below or emailing whitney@patch.com.

Important Dates

  • Nov. 17 Fall Sports Awards Night: 7 p.m., Auditorium
  • Nov. 18 Art Students Field Trip to NYC
  • Nov. 18 Last Day to Complete Bullying Survey: All students are asked to fill out an anonymous online survey about bullying. Parents can see the survey in the Office of Student Services.
  • Nov. 19 Last Day to Buy Discounted Yearbooks: $65 today. $75 tomorrow and on... Click here for more information.
  • Nov. 21 Meet Winter Coaches Night at 7 p.m.
  • Nov. 21 FCPS School Board Meeting at 7 p.m.: The school board will also hold audit, public engagement and forum meetings in the hours beforehand. Click here for info.
  • Nov. 23 Two-Hour Early Dismissal
  • Nov. 24-25 No School
  • Dec. 1 FCPS School Board Meeting at 7 p.m.: The school board will also hold public engagement and forum meetings in the hours beforehand. Click here for info.
  • Dec. 5 Winter Sports Photos
  • Dec. 5 FCPS School Board All-Day Work Sessions: Click here for a schedule.
  • Dec. 7 FCPS and Fairfax City School Boards Meet at 6 p.m.
  • Dec. 8 Partners for Safe Teen Driving: More info here.
  • Dec. 15 Interim Grades Released
  • Dec. 15 FCPS School Board Meeting at 7 p.m.: The school board will also hold public engagement and forum meetings in the hours beforehand. Click here for info.
  • Dec. 16 Last Day to Submit Cavalier Cruise Logo Design: Click here for info.
  • Dec. 19 New FCPS School Board Members Sworn In at 7 p.m. 
  • Dec. 19 Alumni College Fair: Click here for more.
  • Dec. 23 to Jan. 2 Winter Break

Get Involved
Students can volunteer in two programs to get recognition and a special graduation achievement. The FCPS Service Program requires 30-40 hours of community service and comes with a black cord worn to wear with the student's cap and gown during graduation. Contact assistant principal Amanda Hudson (aahudson@fcps.edu) for more information. The Virginia Department of Excellence in Civics Education Program requires 50 hours of community service and at least a B in history and government classes. Participants receive a civic seal on their diplomas. Click here for more information. 

Click here to see what other Woodson students are doing to help their communities.

Parents can help out by joining the Woodson PTSO. The organization needs help with Art Boosters, fundraising and Cavalier Cruise All-Night Grad Party.

Special Services
Check out this parent-teacher-student group dedicated to special education services issues in Woodson and Frost Middle School. There's an online forum for you to join here.

Connect Online
Visit the school's website here. Join the Cavaliers' Facebook Fan Page by clicking here.


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