How to Shop for Schools

Make your Black Friday purchases earn money for schools

Busy catching all the Black Friday Deals this morning? Here's how you can make your money go further by supporting your schools at the register.

National retailers like , , Target, and give cash or credit to schools based on your purchases. At most stores, all you need to do is register your store member card to a school of your choice and start shopping.

Just how much can your school get? Target donates 1 percent of your REDcard purchases to your school. Office Depot, which doesn't require a member card, credits 5 percent of your purchases for free school supplies. Each Safeway program school can earn up to $25,000 a year.

Remember to register your member cards every year to make sure your shopping trip is beneficial to your student's classroom. Here are the links and ID numbers needed to register your cards:

  • Giant: Click here to register your Giant card. School IDs are Fairfax High School (01873), Lanier Middle School (01877), Daniels Run Elementary School (01878), Providence Middle School (01876). Woodson High School is not registered.
  • Safeway:Click here to register your Safeway Club Card. School IDs are Fairfax HS (2145176), Lanier MS (148861819), Daniels Run ES (149186050), Providence ES (148825204). 
  • Target:Click here to register your REDCard. School IDs are Fairfax HS (103609), Lanier MS (103663), Daniels Run ES (103665), Providence ES (103652), Woodson (103731).
  • Office Depot: No card required. Just tell the cashier to credit the school of your choice. There should be a list with you school's ID number near the register.
  • Bloom: Click here to register your Breeze card.

This year your school has raised...

  • : Giant ($129.44), Target ($8,081.89)
  • : Giant (not registered), Target ($11,219.70)
  • : Giant ($95.42), Target ($1,172.42)
  • : Giant ($106.94), Target ($4,289.34)
  • : Giant ($33.92), Target ($3,392.36)


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