Third Term's the Charm, Drummond Runs for Reelection

Residents will get a chance to vote on May 1.

Dan Drummond wants to spend a third term serving Fairfax City.

He announced his plans to run for reelection for city council on Facebook and by email. Click here to read his full message on his blog.

So far the Green Acres resident has seen plenty of successes in his time in City Hall. He cites the city's recent third-place performance in , its , and gold-medal winning parks as some of the highlights of his four-year career.

"Living in a city that celebrated its 50th birthday in 2011 we've continued the success story of our city even with a challenging economy," Drummond wrote. "However, our work is not complete..."

Drummond hopes to return to the council after the May 1 vote to work on some of his long-term, unfinished goals. 

"We need to encourage responsible economic growth, especially along Fairfax Boulevard and in our downtown, continue making our city 'green' and we must remain diligent about retaining the special 'sense of place' that the city is known for," he wrote.

Drummond wants to keep the council focused on economic development and quality of life issues. He's served in the Economic Development Authority, Parks and Recreation Advisory Board and the 2004 School Bonds Task Force Steering Committee.

A former Washington Times reporter, Drummond now works as director of public relations for the nonprofit Certified Financial Planner Board of Standards. When he's not debating city issues late into Tuesday nights, or meeting with community members to hear their thoughts on the latest proposals, he's working behind the scenes of Fairfax Little League and riding in city parades.

Drummond, his wife, Kerry, and three kids, Sadie, Patrick and Liam, are members of the and often spend their Sundays at , where Drummond is Cub master of Pack 1113.

He already has plans for his first campaign event, but he's staying silent on the details for now.

So far Drummond is the only council member to officially announce his bid for reelection. Scott Silverthorne is also seeking another term, .

All candidates for mayor or city council must be registered voters who have lived in Fairfax City for at least a year. Petitions and paperwork must be filed by March 2. 

The election cycle ends just two months later, on May 1.

Check Patch for continued coverage of the city council and mayor elections.


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