Reston Barnes & Noble Closing in Early 2013

The Container Store will open in bookstore space as Spectrum gets ready for new look and expansion.

Reston's Barnes & Noble will close its doors in February 2013.

The lease for the longtime tenant at The Spectrum shopping center was not renewed. Lerner Enterprises, which owns the shopping center, says The Container Store will take over the 25,000-foot space in the fall of 2013.

 Barnes & Noble has shuttered many brick-and-mortar stores nationwide over the last two years as more people turn to iPad and e-reader books. As of now, there is no plan to open another location nearby.

David Deason, Vice President of Development at Barnes & Noble, said the company wanted to stay in Reston and was willing to pay more to do so.

“We tried extremely hard to come to an agreement with the property owner to extend the lease at our Reston location, but despite our offering significant additional rent, the property owner was unwilling to agree to an extension," he said in an email. "We regret that we will be closing this location at the end of February, 2013.”

Barnes & Noble's departure leaves Reston without a book store in which to purchase new books. Reston's Used Book Shop, located at will celebrate its 35th anniversary in January.

The Spectrum is set to undergo a massive renovation in coming years. Plans have been in the works for nearly a decade to transform the strip malls, home to such stores as   PetSmart and Office Depot.

After more than a year of delays and deferrals from the developers, the Fairfax County Planning Commission on Nov. 1 recommended for approval the renovation plans, which include a proposal for a mixed-use development. featuring 774,879 square feet of non-residential space and 1,426 multifamily housing units.

The new Spectrum will also feature a minimum of 4,648 parking spaces and 30 percent open space.

There are also plans to replace the five-story building at 1760 Reston Parkway, just next to The Spectrum, with a 23-story retail and office tower. That plan was approved by the Board of Supervisors earlier this year.

The Spectrum plan will next move on to the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for final approval. That public hearing and discussion will be Jan. 8.

"The proposed redevelopment of the application site requires the gradual removal and redevelopment of the existing Spectrum shopping center, with the exception of the existing Harris Teeter/Office Depot and drive-in financial institution which are located in the north end of the subject property," says a county staff report on the project.

To read the entire staff report, click here.


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Brian Carlson December 16, 2012 at 12:14 AM
The sad thing is that by going down market and renting to Container Store, Lerner will start a slide in the value of their properties in Reston. Short term they make some money, but in the longer term Reston Parkway will begin to look like Route 1 south of Alexandria or Route 7 beyond Tysons Corner. Yuk.
Robert Beale December 16, 2012 at 02:09 AM
Fact is Spectrum is going to close too soon. B & N leaving is just another step to make way for plastering Reston with high-rise retail/commerical/residential complexes to convert this once quiet place into something that will look and feel like Crystal City or at best Ballston. The cars are just going to head to Dulles Town Center and Tysons where we will all shop, eat and see our movies without having to pay for parking.
joebeets February 14, 2013 at 12:47 AM
Best Buy is known as "The Amazon Showroom" in the retail biz.
joebeets February 14, 2013 at 01:01 AM
People say "we want an X", but when they discover that goods at storefront X cost more than the same goods delivered for free in 2 days from mammoth warehouses staffed by minimum-wage people who are consumed like any other raw material, they *buy* the goods based on price from the online source. True, not everyone is ignorant of the difference between inexpensive and cheap, but the people who demand "cheapness at any price" vastly outnumber the more thoughtful. Alas.
William Baez February 16, 2013 at 03:30 PM
Last day is Feb 28, 2013


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