Speak Out on $46M CIP Tonight

Potential projects include high school field house lights, Blenheim improvements, Green Acres parking lot paving.

Tonight's your chance to speak out on some of the projects the city's planning commission is considering as part of its fiscal year 2014 Capital Improvements Program.

Planning commission staffers are weeding through an extensive list of potential public improvements this budget season. The total cost for all projects is $46,081,830, almost double what council members adopted for 2013.

The meeting starts at 7 p.m. in City Hall. Watch it on TV, online or in-person.

CIP offers a wish-list of major public improvements based on predictions of city revenue from taxes, real estate, licenses, permits, fees and state/federal aid. While the plan includes inflation revenues, it does not account for tax increases.

City council and staff review the plan every year and make changes as needed. The plan will be finalized in late April with the adoption of the FY 2014 budget.

Patch will take a closer look at some of the proposed projects throughout the budget season. Click here for budget coverage.

Some of the major CIP projects to look for:

  • Elementary schools roof, paving and concrete repairs: $125,000
  • Fairfax High School field house lights: $250,000
  • Cable TV equipment: $700,000
  • Vehicle and equipment repair: $798,879
  • Blenheim site improvements: $275,000
  • Police vehicle replacement: $126,000
  • Van Dyck Skate Park: $150,000
  • Providence ES field refurbish: $120,000
  • Green Acres parking lot paving: $125,000
  • Kutner Park playground replacement: $150,000
  • Thaiss Park trail crossing and extension: $120,000
  • Video inspection of storm lines: $125,000
  • Neighborhood drainage projects: $225,000
  • Storm damage study (Foxcroft and Mosby Woods): $140,000
  • Fairfax Boulevard and Oak Street drainage: $100,000
  • Noman M. Cole WWTP Plant Upgrade: $1,761,000
  • Goose Creek Reservoir and Dam: $1,050,000
  • Water Treatment Plant Upgrade: $10,000,000
  • Street Repaving Program: $2,000,000
  • Curb, gutter and Sidewalk maintenance: $900,000
  • Kamp Washington Spot Improvements: $4,125,000
  • Northfax Storm Drainage: $7,000,000
  • Chain Bridge Road Bridge Replacement: $4,400,000

Summary of Actual (2013) and Proposed (2014) General CIP Funding

  • Schools: FY2013 $83,500; FY2014 $511,500
  • General Government: FY2013 $1,214,114; FY2014 $1,702,379
  • Recreation/Community Appearance: FY2013 $115,000; FY2014 $1,082,951
  • Transportation: FY2013 $1,401,000; FY2014 $4,568,500
  • Total: Actual FY2013 $2,813,614; Proposed FY2013 $7,865,330

Summary of Actual (2013) and Proposed (2014) Other CIP Funding

  • Water Fund: FY2013 $18,750,000; FY2014 $15,050,000
  • Sewer Fund: FY2013 $2,912,000; FY2014 $2,696,000
  • Stormwater Fund: FY2013 $539,000; FY2014 $1,277,000

You can read through the entire CIP plan by clicking here.


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