Registration Decals Due Today

All vehicles housed in Fairfax City must display a city registration decal.

Today all vehicles kept in Fairfax City must have a city registration decal.

You can purchase your decal in the Treasurer's Office in . Decal enforcement starts Nov. 16. Decals are valid until Oct. 5. Fees cost $33 for cars and trucks, $18 for motorcycles and are prorated after April 1.

Military personnel who live in a city but have a non-Virginia legal residence still have to display a city decal, but don't have to pay for it. 

Call the Treasurer's Office at 703-385-7900 for more information. You can also report decal violations through the Decal Violation Hotiline at 703-385-7800. Reports can be made confidentially.

Information provided by City of Fairfax.


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