Photos: Tim Kaine and George Allen Debate in Tysons Corner

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Virginia's U.S. Senate candidates Tim Kaine and George Allen traded jabs Thursday at the Capital One complex in McLean. 

Kaine, a Democrat and former governor and chair of the Democratic National Committee, wants the Bush-era tax cuts to expire for individuals making more than $500,000 annually and cutting subsidies to the five largest oil companies.

"Each of those elements represents a compromise," Kaine later told reporters, reiterating the theme of bipartisanship that peppered nearly all of his debate comments.

Allen, the Republican candidate and also a former governor, criticized Kaine and his campaign for not doing an independent analysis of the proposal to see what its impact on jobs would be — the implication being that the Kaine plan would cost jobs. Allen said his plan to reduce taxes on individuals and businesses would create more than 500,000 jobs a year.

The debate was moderated by NBC's David Gregory, and was co-sponsored by the Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce. 

Click here for more coverage of the debate. 


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