On the Agenda: Kitty Pozer, Fairfax Circle, Eleven Oaks

What's on the agenda for tonight's council meeting.

Tonight's Fairfax City council meeting will touch on Fairfax Circle development, Kitty Pozer Park, Eleven Oaks residences, a new sidewalk and more.
Here's a gist of what the council plans to talk about:
  • Development concept for Fairfax Circle Plaza shopping center.
  • A bike trail to connect and the Vienna Metro station.
  • Homes to be built in the old Eleven Oaks property that straddles Fairfax City and county. They will also consider buying property on Pickett Road near the tank farm to move the buses currently occupying Eleven Oaks.
  • Refined design for the Kitty Pozer Park in downtown Fairfax. to read more about this issue.
  • Sidewalk along Roberts Road and University Drive.
  • Optimizing traffic signals throughout the city limits.
  • Seeking a SAFER grant to fund ladder truck staffing. to read more about this issue.

Click here to preview the agenda.

The meeting starts at 7 p.m. in . Check Patch for coverage.

Terry Johnson July 27, 2012 at 11:44 AM
Whitney, I would like to know a bit more about the new bus depot on Pickett Road as it appears to be the replacement for the one that VDOT nixed at Woodson HS. Will the new bus depot be located in the green buffer between the tank farm and Fair City Mall? Any requirement to prevent oil/gas spills from entering the ground water? Will the buses require installation of a traffic light and turning lanes, or can the buses enter and leave the depot via the existing intersections for the tank farm/ice arena or Fair City Mall? How many bus spots with engine heaters? How many parking spots for bus driver cars? Will there be bathrooms and other facilities provided for the drivers?


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