Election Officer Volunteers Can Now Register Online

Election officers help direct the voting process during the election season.

New election officers may now register online on the State Board of Elections website.

"Polling places will be busy on Election Day, and general registrars throughout the Commonwealth are seeking reliable and friendly individuals to serve both on and the days leading up to Election Day," a SBE release stated. "Those who serve as Officers of Election are an integral part of the elections process and assist citizens in a successful and pleasant voting experience."

Once a volunteer signs up, local election officials will be notified. Those interested in signing up can also choose to receive updates on the volunteer process by text. 

To be eligible to be an election officer, a volunteer must be registered to vote. Election officers can be paid for their time, but this year's new law also means that election officers can choose to be volunteers. 

"This change to the law should eliminate conflicts with employers who do not permit their employees to engage in outside employment, and increase officer of election participation throughout the Commonwealth," the release said. 

After completing the online form, the local registrar's office may take up to about two weeks to respond. For more information, contact the SBE at 804-864-8901 or info@sbe.virginia.gov.


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