Congress to Fairfax and Virginia: 'Drop Dead'?

Speaking today in Virginia, President Obama targeted Congress for putting "games" over the jobs of tens of thousands of people in Virginia, and he asked for help to prevent sequestration. Here's how to contact your congressman.

President Obama dropped by Virginia on Tuesday, railed against Congress for yet another "manufactured crisis" — this time sequestration 2013 — and asked for help pressuring lawmakers to solve the budget impasse that could cost the state more than 200,000 jobs.

"If you agree with me, I need you to make sure your voices are heard," Obama told employees and television cameras at Newport News Shipbuilding. "Let your leaders know what you expect of them. Let them know what you believe."

The company receives Defense Department funding that's being threatened by drastic, mostly indiscriminate cuts that begin March 1 if no agreement is reached. Sen. Mark Warner has already warned that sequestration will be "worse than you imagine."

In addition to the potential job losses, Obama warned that under sequestration 18,000 fewer Virginians will get the skills and training they need to find jobs; 2,000 Virginia college students will lose financial aid; and early education programs will be eliminated for 1,000 children.

The president said Republicans in Congress have put more stock in playing games than in saving the jobs of those in Virginia and elsewhere around the country.

"This work, along with hundreds of thousands of jobs, are currently in jeopardy because of politics in Washington," Obama said. 

Translated, it brings to mind the infamous New York Daily News headline that followed Gerald Ford's refusal to bail out New York City from bankruptcy. The headline: "Ford to New York: Drop Dead."

Havilah Vangroll February 27, 2013 at 03:34 PM
What our president so carefully leaves out is that HE as president has done NOTHING to find a solution. HE is playing as many if not more games then Congress. This is as much on him as it is on Congress - pray tell me NoVA why did we reelect this guy? He does NOT have our best interest in mind. Put pressure on Congress but put pressure on him too. He is as responsible as Congress. It's a little fact that seems to be getting no attention from the press. Our president is doing NOTHING to find a solution. He has told them it's his way or no deal. He is not working for a solution, he is part of the problem. Oh he makes me so mad!
Richard Tammaro February 28, 2013 at 02:14 AM
every major paper in the country has called out the current administration for it's misleading predictions of economic collapse. Why doesn't the author talk about the failure to make the promised cuts in spending? Whatever happened to the so-called "super committee" that was going to bring us a balanced budget? The role of the federal government has grown to unsustainable levels....so our answer is to spend more?


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