Pipes Damaged, Copper Stolen at Paul VI High School

A downtown church was targeted last week, according to Fairfax City Police.

Pipes Damaged, Copper Stolen at Paul VI High School
Pipes Damaged, Copper Stolen at Paul VI High School
The following information is provided by the Fairfax City Police Department. Where an arrest is mentioned, it does not indicate a conviction. More information is available at City of Fairfax Police online.

Paul VI High School was the victim of recent copper thefts. The metal is a hot find for petty criminals looking to make money off of selling scrap.

The school contacted Fairfax City Police on Friday regarding a refrigerant line that had apparently been damaged when someone was trying to remove its copper pipe.

Three copper downspouts at the school had also been stolen sometime in the last month, according to Fairfax Police.

Last week, Truro Church on Main Street also reported that a number of copper downspouts had been stolen.

And, in February, Dominion Power had a very dangerous copper theft from its downtown electrical yard.


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