Letter to the Editor: Katrina Shealy for SC Senate District 23

A former Lexington resident who now lives overseas explains why he supports Katrina Shealy for the S.C. Senate District 23 seat.

By Mark A. Peter

As an ex-pat over in S. East Asia, I've been keenly interested in the upcoming election on Nov. 6. Sen. Jake Knotts has been serving our district for several years now and he tells us to look at his record. I've looked over his legislative history the past session and found that he'd gotten 9 bills passed (45 failed) and 61 resolutions. They've included: fireworks, martial arts, police dogs, resolutions for marching bands, baseball teams and the American Legion, alcohol, veterans, animals, text messaging, whistle-blowers, relocation of DOT, HIV/AIDs treatment, jail bonds, trustee elections, restricting candidate ballot access, collard greens as state vegetable, etc. There was only one dealing with healthcare, education, business and income taxes. Nothing dealing with traditional family values, pro-life and the economy.

Katrina Shealy is a true conservative. She will be a part of passing a S.C. Fair Tax that will turn our economy around. She wants to reduce government regulations that are choking entrepreneurship. As an educator of more than 25 years I find that Mrs. Shealy shares some of the same ideas that I do. School choice, funding that will go directly to the schools, and removing restrictions on public school funding. As I've told my Society and Culture Class students, "less government, more freedom for the people." She, like me, is pro-life and supports traditional family values. Finally, she is a strong supporter of our 2nd Amendment right to bear arms. So I ask that you join me in voting for her as the petition candidate on Nov. 6. DO NOT vote straight ticket! Our district deserves better representation. Her website is: www.katrinashealy.com

Mark A. Peter, MA, MA
Ningxia Teachers University
Guyuan, Ningxia 75600
PR China

Bill October 26, 2012 at 02:23 PM
Typical that the Chinese would support Shealy and her mentor Tricky Nicky Haley. They've been spending massive amounts of foreign money, just to keep Haley and her supporters in power. Because, they own Haley. She's their little Female dog. Haley's selling out SC and the USA as fast as she can. Just like how she sold out Charleston Ports to Georgia donors. Haley's been on an international tour to fill her booty with foreign loot. And, China is just one good example of why not to vote for this political prostitute. Jake Knots isn't great, but he hates Haley and she hates him for keeping her dishonesty public. And, that's all any self respecting SC Citizen needs to know to vote against Tricky Nicky's little female dog: Shealy. Hold your nose and vote for Jake Knots. Because, it could be a lot worse, and electing Shealy will make it that way.
Shawn Drury October 26, 2012 at 02:32 PM
Bill, I'd love to know who's given and who's received the "massive amount of foreign money." Sources would be helpful. Oh, and the writer of the letter is not Chinese. He lives in China. There's a difference.
Mark Peter October 27, 2012 at 03:12 AM
Bill, As Shawn rightly states I'm not Chinese and do not speak for the government of the PRC. I live and teach here at a university. You make lots of accusations re: Gov Haley and practically call her a "bitch." These are all fallacies of ad hominem and without concrete evidence you have no ground to stand upon. Referring to Mrs. Shealy as a political prostitute is beneath your dignity and belies any Southern manners. With Jakie we'll more of the same RINO governing like spending hikes.


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