Three Virginia Zip Codes Make 'America's Richest' List

Bloomberg Businessweek ranks the top 50 richest zip codes in America.

Nestled between opulent California towns and New England hideaways, Northern Virginia claims three of Bloomberg Businessweek's top 50 richest zip codes.

Palm Beach, Fla. ranked No. 1 with an average household income of $370,136 and an average household net worth of $1,486,123.

Here's where we stand:

  • 48. Fairfax Station: Average household income - $227K; Average home net worth - $1.3M
  • 25. McLean: Average household income - $242.8K; Average home net worth - $1.4M
  • 12. Great Falls: Average household income - $261.6K; Average home net worth - $1.46M

Click here to see what methodology Bloomberg used in its rankings.

And what about Fairfax City? According to Census data from 2005-2009, Fairfax City's average household income is $96,232. Our average home net worth is $493,800. Both place us far above the state average but a long shot from making the top 50 list.


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