Speak Out: Customer Service and Metro Bus Drivers

New training course was developed by Metro and is taught by a 20-year veteran bus driver.

Metro hopes to put all 2,500 of its bus drivers through a revamped customer service training by the end of 2014, The Washington Post reports.

Though all drivers receive a customer service training when they first begin with Metro, the new training serves as a refresher course. Since the new training begin in October, 600 drivers have taken the course, which is taught by supervisor and trainer Roger Langston — a bus driver of 20 years, the Post reports.

The training is partially a response to recent violence against bus drivers—like rock throwing and a stabbing. It is also meant to reduce the number of complaints the agency has received about bus drivers — more than 7,500 complaints over four years, according to the Post.

What do you think? Is customer service training a good idea for bus drivers? Tell us about a good or bad experience you have had with a bus driver. Speak out in the comments.


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