Local Navy Man Fakes His Death, Loses Command of USS Pittsburgh

Virginia woman says the commander of the USS Pittsburgh faked his death to escape an affair.

A local man lost command of the USS Pittsburgh thanks to allegations that he faked his death to end an affair, according to The Day

Navy Cmdr. Michael P. Ward II recently moved from his home off Rolling Road to Connecticut to assume command of the vessel earlier this month. He lost his new honor when a Chesapeake, Va. women said Ward tried to fake his death in an email. The Washington Post reports the woman became upset when she realized Ward was actually alive. She later learned she was pregnant, and had a miscarriage.

Ward was relieved of command after she contacted the Navy.

Read the full story here.

Elizabeth Ann Lovic August 17, 2012 at 04:57 PM
First of all online dating is risky at best. I met someone online fron VA I won't say where he is from to protect his identity. For almost a year now he has been coming to visit me. When I say something I mean it but it has taken me this length of time to let it finally sink in that this man has no intention of meeting me. So whatever anyone, man or woman, tells you online please be cautious if you don't want hearbreak. What a wonderful career this gentleman had before he toook the wrong turn by going out with someone behind his wife's back.


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