Eleven Oaks Takes Shape

What will the property look like once the buses are gone?

Plans are taking shape to build a neighborhood out of a bus lot straddling George Mason Boulevard. Developer Madison Homes proposed its latest vision for Eleven Oaks at a Dec. 11. meeting.

The part-city, part-county property served as a home for 50 Fairfax Public School buses for five years despite neighbor complaints. Now the buses are moving to a new lot at the Pickett Road tank farm to make way for residences.

Out of 49 housing units total, 12 will reside in the City of Fairfax and the rest in Fairfax County. Madison Homes is currently getting plan approval from both the city council and Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for this project. Those living in the 12 city homes will receive city trash/recycling pickup, police and school services. Those outside the city limits will get county services. 

With the sale of Eleven Oaks to Madison Homes, the city will recoup the $8.2 million lost due to this property. Development of Eleven Oaks will provide meager revenue when compared to expenses.

It's worth it though, according to Crestmont-area residents.

The plan as a whole is a dream come true for residents who suffered five years of the noise, exhaust and eyesore associated with the bus lot. 

Matt Rice, member of the Mason Oaks Homeowners Assocation, commended developers and the city council for turning his neighborhood into more of a... well, just that. 

He supports the developer's plan, but for a setback detail that will place a neighboring home a bit too close for his liking.

What will Eleven Oaks look like?

The current plan calls for 49 homes along School Street and down either side of George Mason Boulevard. Madison Homes plans to preserve the trees already on the site, including the last Red Oak remaining on the Eleven Oaks property. 

These 49 homes will range from single family houses to townhouses, with the townhouses built on the property's western side (to fit into surrounding homes) and the single family homes more to the east. Traffic will be directed off George Mason Boulevard instead of School Street.

Still more details are in the works.

Check Patch for more information as it becomes available.


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