Eight Google Tips You’ll Use Every Day

Google: simple, flexible and evolving.

Few words are both nouns and verbs. Google is one of these. Before you say next say, “Let me google that," take a moment before you mindlessly type into the search box. You don’t even have to spell what you’re looking for correctly or completely. Just start typing.

This begs the question, “Is Google making us stupid?”  Or smarter?

Here are eight tips for Google you’ll use every day.

Curious about a particular word? No need to google Webster’s. Just type “define:” and the word. Google provides possible terms. Let’s say you type “define: volcano.” Without even clicking the spyglass, the page fills with results. The first one is a phonetic spelling and a helpful audio clip of the word spoken. The part of speech and definition follow with links to “more info,” such as Wikipedia, Dictionary.com, answers.com and Merriam-Webster.

Can’t kick your brain in gear to solve a math problem? No need to carry a calculator. Just type the equation in the Google search box, (5*5)/(6-1) for example. In 0.29 seconds, Google says the answer is 5.

Pints to quarts? Cups to pounds? Google comes to the rescue to convert measurements.  Type 2,100 miles in kilometers into the search box. The answer is 3,379.62. Wonders of wonders there’s a drop down for alternatives to search. Just click on temperature, mass, speed, volume, area, fuel consumption, time, or digital storage. Another set of boxes appears with units of measure to choose. Another of life’s complexities solved. No more fretting about how many days are in a decade. 3652.42 to save you the typing.

What time is it? Want to ensure you won’t awaken your son with a phone call in the middle of the night while he’s traveling in India? It’s 8:26 p.m. in Burke, VA. Type in the search box “Time: New Delhi” and in 0.38 seconds, you’ll find it is “5:56am Wednesday (IST) - Time in New Delhi, Delhi, India.”

Wonder how your Coca Cola stock is doing today? Type “Stocks: KO” in the Google search box. Today’s New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) is “39.26 -0.21‎ (-0.53%‎).”

What’s the weather in Reykjavik? Type “Weather: Reykjavik Iceland” in the search box. Actually if you start typing Rey, the rest of the word fills in for you. And it is rainy today and the rest of the week. 56°F now and upper 50s all week.

Quick translation in a pinch? Type in the search box, “Translate: hello in French.” Two boxes return. One with “hello”; the other “bonjour.”  Best part? Click on the listen icon and hear the word is spoken. Keep typing and the translation continues. “hello and good day” becomes “bonjour et bonne journée.”

Where is this? You have a longitude and latitude, but don’t know where it is. Type (or cut and paste might be easier) and voila, the location. For example, cut and paste 61°13′N 149°53′W into the search box. Click on the spyglass and you’ll find that’s Anchorage, Alaska.

These eight tips remind us of the versatility of our go-to search service.  Late in July, Google launched Handwrite and the fun increased.  Handwrite works on your tablet or SmartPhone. No typing or speaking needed. Just write with your finger and the search is on!

What other simple Google tips have you found?


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