Spend Your Lunch Break at Bollywood Bistro Buffet

The lunch buffet price includes warm, buttery naan bread, basmati rice and attentive service from the staff.

Anyone bored with the regular chips and sandwich lunch or in the mood for some midday spice should check out Bollywood Bistro's lunch buffet.

For $8.95 on weekdays, or $9.95 on weekends, select from nine traditional Indian dishes, including dessert. The price includes warm, buttery naan bread, basmati rice and attentive service from the staff.

When I dropped by Bollywood Bistro offered:  Tandoori chicken, vegetable korma, butter chicken, chicken curry, potato pakoras, dal makhani, chili mushrooms and spinach saag. Also included chutneys and a yogurt sauce.

The atmosphere is exactly what it promises to be – a bistro; it's comfortable, hip and tidy. Colorful lanterns, red, yellow, green and blue, hang from the ceiling and warmly illuminate a darkly-furnished dining room. There are a few outdoor, café tables, thought they were still empty in the heat for my visit.

Inside, several tables were occupied by diners lingering over plates piled with an assortment of curries.

Dishes on the buffet were hot and plentiful. We tried everything. Our favorites included the Tandoori chicken, vegetable korma, saag and butter chicken.

The Tandoori chicken was roasted fine, juicy pieces of chicken within a red coating of spices like cayenne pepper. The heat was turned down for the masses, but even this spicy food lover thought the recipe delivered on flavor.

The vegetable korma was creamy, fragrant comfort food–very satisfying.

Fans of spinach will enjoy the saag, a great way to eat your greens if you like some spice.

My favorite dish was the butter chicken–a stew of boneless chicken cuts in a creamy curry sauce. The chicken, again, was juicy. The curry sauce was on the mild side. (I think they crank it down for the buffet.) Still it had a little kick. It was a rich, aromatic, delightful dish that was, as they say, like butter.  

Be sure to ask for a lunch club card. After buying six lunches, you get a seventh free.



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