New Fairfax Store Offers Earthquake T-Shirt

The Factory Tees sells vintage designs and customizable apparel.

The Factory Tees, a new vintage clothing store in downtown Fairfax City, just printed a new t-shirt design meant to commemorate Tuesday's earthquake and silence naysayers.

Click here to see a photo of the t-shirt.

"Immediately after the earthquake, I started hearing on the news about people in California making fun of us for overreacting to our earthquake," said Stan Darke, a graduate of Hayfield Secondary School and Virginia Commonwealth University, designer, and president and owner of The Factory Tees. "Well, Californians have enough to worry about and should focus on their problems rather than Virginia's. So it was just a little shot at them to focus on their state."

Shoppers can see the earthquake t-shirt on a manikin outside the store. The message? "California, you may laugh at Virginia's earthquake, but we laugh at your fiscal irresponsibility."

Darke has plans for a variety of earthquake tees. Another planned design will say, "Virginia, Shaking up the East Coast since 2011."

Newly located on Main Street in the heart of downtown, The Factory designs original slogans and logos based off the latest news headlines and trends. The store also takes customers' t-shirt design ideas and fashions them into something wearable, usually within a little more than a week.

Darke plans to unveil the store's latest "Buttslasher" design soon. The shirt will feature a surveillance video image of the suspect targeting young women at local malls with the following message: "Beware The Buttslasher at a NOVA mall near you."

Other notable slogans:

  • "Northern Virginia. Better than the rest of Virginia."
  • "Anthony's Weiner follows me on Twitter."
  • "Love is a verb."

Click here to see some of the store's designs. Shop online here.


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