Fairfax Restaurant Inspections: Toyko Grill, The Food, Anita's, Fairfax Deli

Like to eat out in Fairfax City?

You may want to know how area restaurants performed in their last Virginia Department of Health inspection.

Restaurants in the Commonwealth are inspected between one and four times a year. There are two types of violations, critical and non-critical. What's the difference? Critical violations, unless corrected, can contribute to "food contamination, illness or environmental degradation," according to the VDH. 

Non-critical violations are not as severe but can lead to critical violations if not tended.

How it Works

Clicking here will bring you to VDH's web page where you can find detailed information on any of the restaurants listed below. Restaurants are listed on the site by city/county and alphabetical order.

Clicking on the number under critical violations will take you directly to that restaurant's report.

Patch will update this table as new reports come in. Have something to say about one of the restaurants? Tell us about it!

Restaurant Last Inspection Critical Violations Non-Critical Violations Fairfax County Pre-Release Center Nov. 1 0 0 Fairfax County Adult Detention Center Nov. 1 0 0 Fairfax Deli Nov. 2 3 0 Jersey Mike's Subs Nov. 5 2 1 The Food (University Dr) Nov. 8 7 2 Tokyo Grill (Willard Way) Nov. 13 9 1 Red Zone Grill (Main St) Nov. 15 5 1 Smashburger (Fairfax Blvd) Nov. 16 1 2 Anita's (Fairfax Blvd) Nov. 21 1 0 Dunkin Donuts (Main St) Nov. 27 1 1 Dominos Pizza #4234           Nov. 27       0                   1                        Elevation Burger Nov. 28 1 0 Sushi Prince (Main St) Nov. 28 1 0 PB & Jack (Main St) Dec. 13 1 2 Firehouse Subs (Main St) Dec. 21 2 0

*This is a follow-up inspection to one from Nov. 13 where the inspector gave Sushi Prince 6 critical violations.


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