Where to See Jupiter In the Sky

Distant planet visible all night Sunday, Red Spot sighting on the way.

Jupiter. Source: nasa.gov.
Jupiter. Source: nasa.gov.
There's an extra treat for stargazers Sunday night as Jupiter makes an extended appearance all night.

According to Space.com, "As the sun sets in the west, Jupiter will rise in the east. Jupiter sets in the west just as the sun is rising in the east."

Jupiter will nearly be the brightest object in the sky, second only to the moon.

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Space.com notes that Jupiter will stick around for a few days. "For example, on Tuesday night, Jan. 7, observers in eastern North America can see the Red Spot at 6 p.m. in the evening local time, and again, one full Jupiter day later, at 4 a.m. in the morning."

Why the big deal over spotting Jupiter? NASA explained in a weekly blog: "Come Sunday Jupiter will be at opposition -- no, we haven't been arguing. Opposition means that Jupiter, the Earth and the sun will be positioned in a straight line with the Earth in the middle."


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