Shoppers React to Barnes & Noble's Closing

Reston store will close at the end of February, and most book lovers are quite upset.

Restonians will soon be without a bookstore, news that is not sitting well with shoppers who frequent Barnes & Noble.

The store at Reston's Spectrum Center Barnes & Noble officials said on Tuesday. The Container Store will open in that spot later in 2013, said a spokesman for Lerner Enterprises, which owns the shopping center.

Barnes & Noble said it wanted to stay, but could not reach a lease agreement with Lerner.

In comments on Reston Patch and on Reston Patch's Facebook page, book lovers voiced their opinion on the change.

"I love bookstores and specifically B&N. I cherish those days especially in winter when I can go there and enjoy quiet time thumbing through books, magazines, and cards while sipping my coffee," said one reader.

Said another: "I've made many memories there with my kids! The staff was always so kind and it was a great way to get kids interested in books at a young age."

Meanwhile, a "Save the Reston Barnes & Noble" petition has been started. Organizers are hoping that a grassroots effort - much like the Rescue Reston group that is advocating for Reston National Golf Course to stay as open space despite an inquiry about development from the course's owner - will spark change, even though a longterm lease has already been signed by The Container Store.

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Brad Newberg March 02, 2013 at 06:04 PM
I don't buy this. As someone who is/was in B&N multiple times a week, it has been packed for the most part, including at the check-out line.
Mike M March 02, 2013 at 06:26 PM
Michelle, Amy is merely taking a hostile and personal swipe a someone who made a reasonable post in disagreement with her. It's routine in here for folks of a certain "west side "of the political spectrum to do that. This is because they don't get basic economics and how the world really works. They only know how they feel. They want their government (an extension of the role once played by their mommy and daddy) to make the world in the image they want. Never mind such annoying realities as practicality and cost. It's like a kid who can't get what he wants so he acts out emotionally.
Michael Barrett April 07, 2013 at 04:11 AM
I regret to say that I learned about the closing of the B&N after it closed and I also regret to say that I learned about it from an employee of the Container Store at Tyson's where I was shopping. I am sad to see the store go and I don't believe that I ever visited it without buying something. I certainly never went there to explore what I might ultimately buy on line (as many Best Buy shoppers do). It was fun going to the store because you inevitably see something that you would never have found in the somewhat regimented on line venues. It’s somewhat like the difference between reading the news on line rather than in a hard copy of a newspaper—your eye catches articles that you very well might have missed on line. I only wish that B&N had originally opened in the Town Center rather than in the Spectrum Center. A bookshop should be located where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic where people don’t have to make it an isolated destination. An example is the very popular B&N in Bethesda, located at a busy intersection with the Landmark Theatres across the street. It's a great place to meet someone before or after a movie, or before or after dinner at one of the many restaurants there. I would hope that if there is any chance of inducing B&N to return, or if a smaller, independent bookseller would consider opening here, that it could be in the Town Center. Such a store definitely does not belong in a strip mall at least in this town.
Keith Berry April 07, 2013 at 03:53 PM
I have lived and worked near the Town Center for many years and B&N was like a sanctuary and I would have to say Reston may be growing, but it is not growing in the sense of community, it was a real community years ago where small and large businesses coexisted. Ordering books online just helps people who demand convenience over due diligence I guess Reston is all about snobbery, impatience and a more main stream society of slaves to technology
kate christian May 07, 2013 at 06:00 PM
and John Grisham, and Paul Fleisher, and Paul Theroux, and Rita Dove, and Adriana Trigiani, and Patricia Cornwell, and, and, and.


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