'Toter' Trash Cans an Option for City Residents

City Release:

Residents who receive trash and recycling disposal service from the city may use the larger, wheeled "toter"-type containers for the curbside disposal of yard waste, recycling or general household trash.

Please clearly identify on each container what it contains — yard waste, trash, recyclables — so refuse and recycling crews can easily and quickly remove their contents.

Also, consider marking the home address on cans to prevent loss. The city is not responsible for damaged or missing trash containers.

Please do not mix items in the cans, as the city cannot accept or dispose of mixed content, and place concrete at the curb for disposal (not in trash cans).

The city provides blue recycling bins upon request to city residents who receive recycling service from the city government. Request a recycling bin via e-mail or call 703-385-7837.


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